Romance In The Moonlight's Music In The Moonlight

Here are some great little pieces of Sailor Moon MIDI's. Feel free to take any that you might want:) For everyone out there who E-mailed me about "My Only Love" IT'S HERE!!!:)

Sailor Moon Opening Theme

The Moon Locket

My Only Love

Oh Starry Night

Rainy Day Man

Alan's Flute


Here I'm standing in the night

My crescent wand the only light

Alone against my darkest fear

But I sense my friends are near

I draw from each the power I need

The evil Queen we will defeat


Give me the strength to carry on

with all our love we can't go wrong

Only together we face the fight

Nothing can stand against our might

Repeat Chorus

With all our strength the battle's won

With all our love we can't go wrong

We have the strength to carry on

Sailor Moon Transformation Music

Tux's Transformation Music

The Inner Senshi Transformation Music

Sailor Moon End Music

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