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HI! Geez, I am sorry I've been lacking in my updates. The only reason I am updating at the moment is to post a link in support of the tragedy that has taken place in the United States. If you are interested in getting justice for this heinous crime by a peaceful means, please visit this site: Petition for Justice and Peace. If this link doesn't take you to it, click on the link provided to the main page. Look over to the right side and you should see a link that says, "Call for Justice and Peace." Please sign the petition.

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*The Princess* "My Mamo-chan and I go WAY back, CENTURIES back! It all started during the "Silver Milenium". It was a peaceful time on the moon and everyone was so full of life. One day I met a strange man while walking in the royal gardens. We immediately fell in love. His name was Princes Endymion and he was from Earth. He pledged his loyalty to my mother, Queen Serenity. We were so happy then.

Our happiness didin't last long because an evil force was trying to break through the Negaverse and into our Universe. This was a hard time for Endymion and I. We knew that if we did not win the battle, that our world would be destroyed. Endymion gave his word that he would fight for our kingdom. Before went off to fight, I gave him my starlocket so that, whatever happened to us, he would always remember me. Before he left, he gave me a kiss, and his heart. Little did I know that it would be the last time I would see my love. My only love.

"My mother, knowing what had to be done, locked the Negaverse's seven strongest warriors into her Imeprium Silver Crystal and sent it to earth where it shattered into the seven crystals known as the Seven Rainbow Crystals. My mother was drained of most of her energy, but she wanted my prince and I to have a happy life on Earth. She sent Endymion and I, along with my court, to Earth and we reborn.

When Luna, my guardian, had decided that I was ready, she brought back my memory of Sailor Moon. Slowly but surly, I regained a relationship my four closest friends. Then this mysterious and GORGEOUS guy in a tuxedo came onto the scene. Gee, betcha can't guess who it was! It was then that we set out in search of the afore mentioned Imperium Silver Crystal. It was during this quest that I discovered who I really was. I discovered that Darian, the pond-sucking dweezle that always tormneted me was ACTUALLY Tuxedo Mask! He was also my long lost lover from the Silver Milenium! It wasn't too long before Queen Baryl decided that we didn't need to be together and she STOLE him! And BRAINWASHED him! He was now our enemy:( I had my heart set on getting my true love back! And I did!

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Enjoy browsing my pages....SAILOR MOON SAYZ:)

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