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Broken Hearts


Does he still love me,

Or is that all in the past?

We were meant for each other,

I thought our love would last.

Does he love her,

was our love all an act?

What was in me

that made him turn away so fast?

What was in him that made me love him so much?

We were in love a thousand years before,

But am I just a responsibility for the future now?

All, the questions,

But the answer will never be there.

Do I dare ask him who he cares?


I loved him once,

But I gave him up for her,

Why did he turn away,

When it was so hard to give him up?

Do I dare go behind her back,

To the one I love?

I tried to let go of him,

but my love will never tire,

Should I live up to my hearts desire?

All the questions,

but the answer will never be there,

Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom,

Or Princess Rei of Mars,

Her love is her destiny,

But mine is a passion that never dies,

Oh where does his love reside?

Another gift to the wonderful


Princess Saturn