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A Normal Girl
by Princess Saturn

The Universe is Spinning,

I Feel Them With Me.

Mercury, My Mind,

Mars, My Soul,

Jupiter, My Strength,

Venus, My Personality,

Earth, My Heart,

Sun, My Conscience,

Moon, My Birthright

My Burden,

My Legacy.

All In My Power,

At Theis Fateful Hour,

They Are With Me,

I am With Them,

I Call The Crystal,

I Feel Power Surge Through me,

Darkness Falls Upon me,

The Past Is Behind Me,

The Past, The Princess,

The Present with Me,

The Warror Within Me,

That Is Me,

The Future Ahead,

The Future Queen In Me,

What I'v Always Wanted To Be,

No More Sorrows,

No More Tragedies,

Just A Normal Girl,

As Darkness Falls Upon Me,

I Am Not A Princess,

I Am Not A Queen.

I Am Not A Warrior,

My Wish Is True,

A Normal Girl,

The Worng Choice.

Princess Saturn Presents this poem to Princess Serena. : )