Romance In The Moonlight's Poetry by Moonlight

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Romance In The Moonlight's Poetry By Moonlight

Ok. The fanfics are undergoing MAJOR changes, much like everything else here at Romance. I'm sorry! I haven't worked on the site in over a year and let's just say my tastes have changed quite a bit. I've matured and so have my HTML abilities:-) Keep checking back!

Works by the Princess

My first Fanfic! tell me what you think!

Works by Princess Saturn

Just A Normal Girl
A beautiful poem presented to me by Princess Saturn.
Broken Hearts
Another poem that was presented to me by the wonderful Princess Saturn, My Small Lady.


by Rush

Crystal Memories Saga

By Razzz

Part One
Part Two
Part Three:
It's finally HERE!!!

Moonlight Dreams

By Veronica

Moonlight Dreams
This one is a bit long...try 75K long! However, it is well worth is A beautiful story.